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Astron is an IT company that provides very unique IT solution. It is headquartered at Nairobi. We provide specialized consulting, design & development services in the ERP implementation in Education domain


Applicant Management

The Applicant module enables you to register applicant data, assign student entrance test & prepare admission sheet according to student marks. Applicant module generates various reports like merit list, admit card, applicant profile etc. It help to send SMS & email alert to parents & student etc.

Student Management

The student module enables you to store all personal, academic, professional and history data regarding a student, his/her parents, and his/her siblings. The student module can generate reports for current student, dropouts and transferred students.

Staff Management

This staff module lets you store all personal, relative, spouse, family, academic, professional, history data regarding a staff member. The staff module generates reports for current staff, transferred staff, retired staff members. The data is also maintained for future reference. The module offers a variety of reports

Class Management

The Class Management module enables to create various class, section. It helps to manage student mandatory and optional subject and manage class teacher and subject.

User Management

The User Management enables you to create user and role previlage. This help to generate login credentials to staff, parents & student.

Master Management

The Master Management enables you to maintain all master entities of school. It help to create financial & academic session.

Fee Collection

Configure fee types, frequency, late fee, concession, scholarship, installments, etc. Generate individual student level fee-card. Track cheque return from the bank Generate a variety or combination of reports related to fee payment, late fees, discounts, cheque return , special fee, etc

Examination Module

The examination module covers planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring progress. Create class tests or term exams and enter the subject wise marks for each student. Predefine grades with mark and automatically generate grades in the click of a button.

Lecture Management

Lecture Module enable you to plan all lectures class wise and track daily progress of lectures. You can get various reports like how many subject going on track and how many subject having backlog.

Time Table

It generates class timetable with the help of a Wizard for each class. Automatically checks and prevents faculty scheduling overlaps and takes into consideration different constraints. Does load balancing to make sure that no faculty is overloaded.

Library Management

Manage end-to-end operations of library of any size Powerful book search feature using various attributes and provides instant search results. Check-in and check-out the books. Manage and track list of books in stock and in circulation.

Transport Management

Maintain database of transportation vehicles details like registration number, driver name, and get email alert notification on tax & insurance due dates, etc. Devise vehicle routes and allocate students. Help to make various reports.

Hostel Management

The hostel module is designed to handle, and manage all activities related to a hostel. This module facilitates reservation and allocation of rooms, managing room facilities, maintaining outing and discipline, visitors records, house keeping and cafeteria management etc. The module also offers a variety of reports.

Canteen Management

Track issuing of stocks for each canteen.Track sales and performance of each canteen. Manage purchases for canteens centrally. Reduce wastage, control cost, and manage inventories by effective inventory control across the canteens

Inventory Management

Trace any incoming inventory item to the PO. Manage warehouse entry dates and expiry dates of goods Manage stocks, minimum stock, and reserved stock quantities of goods

Purchase Management

Raising online purchase intent (PI). Online purchase intent approval, rejection, and/or request for further clarification. Get real-time status on purchase intents Create and manage vendors list and send RFPs online to the registered vendors

Account Management

Create ledgers, income/expense categories, maintain receipts and payments under all desired heads of accounts. Bank statement tallying facility. Vouchers & receipts are generated for each transaction for accounting purpose

Alumni Management

It Keeps the former students involved, builds attachment to the institute, and thus it can rely on the association members in case of any financial needs. It helps to create new group, adding member.

Gate Pass Module

The Applicant module enables you to register applicant data, assign student entrance test & prepare admission sheet according to student marks. Applicant module generates various reports like merit list, admit card, applicant profile etc. It help to send SMS & email alert to parents & student etc.

Health Management

It enables the healthcare department of your school to keep record of student health status like disease, allergies etc. Also help to record vaccination information. It maintains database of health tips and precaution measures.

Sport Management

The Sport Management help us to manage all tournament & sport activities of institute. We can track student performance and keep their sport record.

Event Management

Easily create calendars, Create events and share them with different stakeholders, Generate alert notification for events, Automatic publishing of events to individuals and groups

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